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Xanax Addiction

Why Is Xanax Commonly Abused?

Xanax is a prescription medication that belongs to a unique class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. The medication is often prescribed to treat patients who are suffering from anxiety, PTSD or other similar conditions. Unfortunately, due to its calming and relaxing effects, the short acting substance has a high potential for abuse, especially among individuals prone to addiction. When used for an extended length of time or in high doses, the drug causes changes to the brain making it necessary for the patient to slowly taper off of the medication in order to successfully quit.

Why Is It Difficult To Quit? 

When used for an extended period of time, individuals often become physically dependent on Xanax developing a Xanax addiction. At the same time, their body begins to build up a tolerance to the drug’s calming effects. Because of this, addicts often increase their daily dosage in order to achieve the initial effects they once felt.

Many people who are addicted to this powerful medication may try to quit on their own but unfortunately this method can prove to be dangerous for a number of reasons. Painful withdrawal symptoms, such as increased anxiety, tremors and heart palpitations, are often experienced within just hours after abruptly stopping the medication.

Drug Rehab For Substance Abuse 

If you or someone you love is addicted to Xanax it’s important to contact a medical professional that’s familiar with the medication and its effects. An addict should be carefully monitored throughout the entire withdrawal process in order to reduce the risk of serious or even life-threatening health complications such as seizures.

When it comes to quitting Xanax, a drug rehabilitation center will help to ensure that the addict remains as comfortable as possible throughout the entire withdrawal process. A drug rehab center will also help an addict achieve the best possible success by determining the root cause of their addiction and by teaching them the valuable coping skills needed in order to deal with drug cravings in the future.

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