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United Healthcare Rehab Coverage

United Healthcare


United Healthcare offers Medicare and Medicaid plans for those who qualify. If you are a Medicare or Medicaid recipient United will cover expenses for inpatient drug addiction and/or alcoholism treatment so long as the Medicare or Medicaid requirements have been met.

Coverage Specifics

United Healthcare is selective about particular expenses they pay for under their ordinary plans. For initial detoxification, documentation that supervised detox is a medical need will be required. Medications for detox will be paid for if the proper documentation is in order. Sometimes a detox center will be utilized for what some professionals in the treatment industry refer to as a patient’s, “stabilization,” i.e. to remove a patient from an addiction triggering environment for close supervision and observation without the need for physical detox. This type of practice will not be covered with United Healthcare. Meals and transportation will not be covered. Court ordered drug testing will also not be covered unless it can be considered a medical need.

Following detox, a stay in a residential inpatient rehab includes a significantly greater amount of coverage for the services involved. Group and individual therapy sessions will be paid for. If an extended inpatient stay is deemed necessary United Healthcare will cover those costs. Educational and other therapeutic services can also be provided for. There are a few stipulations United Healthcare presents for residential treatments including a limit of 190 days in a recipient’s lifetime for inpatient care that takes place within any kind of psychiatric hospital. For subsequent readmission into any inpatient drug treatment facility up-to-date documentation meeting the criteria for proof of medical necessity will have to be submitted again and for all future admissions henceforth.

United Healthcare: A Trusted Source

With United Healthcare, the employer sponsored insurances’ and private plans’ services for addiction treatment are provided through another branch called United Behavioral Health (UBH). When a United member is considering inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment they must contact UBH for authorization. The UBH branch underneath the parent company, United Health Group (UHG), is devoted to approaching addiction with the most current theories and strategies. This philosophy is part of United Behavioral Health’s, “Full Care Management,” program. United Healthcare ranks among the largest health insurance providers, therefore, their in-network options for quality treatment centers is extensive. Visit the United Healthcare website and get in touch with a representative to have your in-depth questions answered. You’ll find you are not alone in the challenge of dealing with the expenses of starting your path to recovery.

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