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When is it time to go to drug rehab?

Substance abuse can affect anyone and can have any number of affects on an individual. Some may feel that their substance abuse, be it alcohol, drugs or prescription pills, can be controlled and that he or she can maintain a level of normalcy in his or her life. However, anyone who uses illicit or controlled substances is at constant risk of falling deeper into addiction. Addiction does not discriminate against age, gender or culture. It can be a difficult topic to raise, but seeking the appropriate help will always have a better outcome that ignoring the problem.

When in Doubt, Go …

There are a number of signs and warning signals that can indicate whether or not an individual requires drug rehab treatment, including physical, behavioral and social changes.

A major, and often very obvious, factor in determining the need for drug rehab treatment is when the individual’s health becomes a concern. Many people with substance abuse problems can begin to appear or behave differently. An addict may begin to act lethargic or distant, or conversely, they may begin to act out of character and with excess energy and passion. Drastic weight fluctuations are also a sure sign that substance abuse is involved.

One of the most obvious reasons someone should seek professional help to get clean and sober is when the social and professional aspects of his or her life have been impacted negatively. Many addicts eventually lose jobs or find it difficult to stay in a job, and begin to suffer financially. This can also have a negative affect on family and friendships with continued borrowing or theft. Addressing such problems are the first steps towards recovery.

Concerns that you or your loved one cannot afford rehab should not hinder the decision to seek professional help. Many drug rehab centers are willing to accept full, or partial, cost of treatment coverage from a large selection of private health insurance providers.

There are a number of warning signs that can be used as measures in evaluating you or your loved one’s need to go to drug rehab. The fist warning sign that there may be a problem is the initial questioning, ‘when is it time to go to drug rehab?’ If there is any concern that you or a loved one may require rehab treatment, there is a large likelihood that the answer is yes.

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