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A medical drug detox is often necessary when going through withdrawal over certain drugs and alcohol. Detox is the  best way to ease your body from addiction to sobriety. With the help of a caring staff of doctors, nurses, and counselors you are sure to experience a comfortable detox. 


Inpatient rehab is recommended after going through a drug or alcohol detox program. Inpatient detox provides plenty of individual and group counseling to get you on your feet to sobriety.


After inpatient rehab or before trying inpatient rehab it is beneficial to be a part of an outpatient program while you are living in the real world once again. You will still be connected to a counselor and other sober supports.


After inpatient rehab it is important that you are transitioned by living in a supportive environment centered around recovery. We have a wealth of halfway house recommendations. Call us today to be placed into a sober house that is right for you!

Cities With Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In South Dakota

South Dakota Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

South Dakota has been heavily affected by the massive growth of methamphetamine trafficking throughout the mid-west U.S. for the past number of years. State legislators are currently working with schools and colleges to combat the devastation wrought by the drug, through education programs informing students about the harm of illicit drug abuse.

Marijuana remains the most commonly abused substance in South Dakota, with high numbers of prescription drug abuse also reported throughout the state, primarily pain-killers including oxycodone and Oxycontin. Rates of reported alcoholism ranked higher in South Dakota than the national average in 2014. Cocaine and crack cocaine circulation and availability in South Dakota have steadily risen over the past number of years, but cases remain relatively small compared to other U.S. states. The number of cases of abuse and treatment admission for heroin in South Dakota have fallen in recent years.

The state of South Dakota offers one of the strongest health insurance parity policies in the U.S. regarding the coverage of addiction treatment costs for a variety of private health insurance holders. With over 50 South Dakota drug & alcohol rehabs to choose from, an ideal, personal treatment program will always be available.