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Description Of Rehab

Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort is approximately 62 miles from the airport in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We provide a free shuttle service to and from the airport for all clients traveling from out of-state.  We advocate getting treatment in a location other than the place where you live to avoid the same people, places and things that “triggered” you to use from the beginning.  Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort is located up in the mountains, in Sardine Canyon, 12 miles from the closest town.  It’s a stand alone facility on 706 mountain acres surrounded by a 9-hole golf course and thousands of acres of national forest.

The founder’s original program is a combination of the best of all other addiction treatment programs assembled into one in an attempt to treat the root causes of addiction itself in the pursuit of a permanent cure

Rehab Services

Program: Regular or Ave. 30-45 days, some 60 day clients, and a few 90 days.
  • Resort-setting, former resort hotel with all amenities, including indoor pool, hot tub, weight room, game room, library, and more.
  • Upscale restaurant for meals cooked by resort’s former Chef.
  • Spa treatments used to detox, free massage with special showers and baths
  • Sauna-vitamin detox, 2-3 hours per day.
  • Neuro-feedback, prevents relapse.
  • Addiction specialists, therapists and medical team
  • Individual treatment plans, personal case managers for all non-clinical needs, aftercare program.

Payment Options

Accepts most private insurance, no Medicaid/Medicare.  Preferred carriers: Aetna, United, Humana, Cigna, and HealthNet.

Cash pay:  Must net $15,000 for first 30 days after marketing fees.


Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort Testimonials

By Roxanne Clark

“Like a statuesque feline, sitting gazing out, contemplative, I find myself similarly confident. Instinctual beings move with stealth and precision for they are existing as they were meant to. That exquisite moment when one moves in the very same way, in sync with that which surrounds you. My work was done diligently and with an open heart, with the satisfaction that I truly learned something sustainable and it is now forever part of my mind, my body, and my spirit. Anything done within healthy limits and with clear healthy boundaries will forever become some of the best moments in our lives. The child in all of us, the scholar, the rebel, and the visionary will all learn to thrive together to create a balance where we can live an extraordinary intentional existence. Where we mark each others lives in the most nourishing and plentiful manner.

My life here at Sherwood Hills has brought me to the most incredible place where my options are those that dreams are made of. I am so incredibly grateful to have learned from what I have lived and can continue to learn to live. I have met people, I believe, whom were handpicked to be here for reasons greater than any of us could have imagined. I have found love and life and people I never would have thought and within myself especially have found a depth and a meaning that will only be understood to others in the way I have now chosen to live my life. I have been profoundly changed and blessed to have been able to mold and change and watch and wait until I felt my footing sure. This time is so different and I thank and express my gratitude for the nourishment and the unfolding of my very soul. My calling was right herewith all of you as I grew strong, now I will venture out on my own with your blessing and all of your encouragement, your wise words and loving kindness. I will be at my absolute best and live deliberately, and will remember forever your impact. I love you Sherwood and all of you who built and stand for its magic, its mission to create lives true to oneself and mindful of all else that encompasses it. You will forever remain in my soul and a part of my path back home to me, although the journey does not end here I have begun construction of a very solid and sound foundation.

At the end of the day it is not what you leave behind it is what you take with you. It’s how you felt that time something clicked for the first time, that you did something different, that you grew, that you saw growth in someone else. It is what we make of it and here we have the ability to create, to learn, to fall, to hurt, to be, to try. To rest, to watch, to cry, to fear, to strive and to change. The grass is green where you water it and as it was once said here, what you focus on grows.”


About Angie

“Angie,” a former client had been through some serious trauma in her life; worst experience a young girl can go through. This trauma turned her to drugs to escape her painful memories. In an effort to deal with this the state put her through an intensive 16 month course.

She came to me one day, full of light, bright smile on her face and said she learned more in 3 days of our Trauma Weekend Course than she learned in 16 months of a previous course she took. She said, “The trees are greener, the sky is bluer, the air smells fresher and the birds are singing prettier.”  Angie came away with a renewed commitment to sobriety like she’d never felt before.


Testimonial of Chrissy Donaldson

“I’m currently a resident at Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort in Utah. This place is amazing it’s given me  the chance to start my life over again at my own pace and build my own routine. I enjoy everything they have to offer such as the gym, sauna, pool, volley and basketball courts, horseshoes and massage therapy that’s highly needed after all those activities.

Most of all I love the environment; all the people here are wonderful from the clients to the staff. We are all like family here. Since my stay here I’ve realized I’m not here to get a cure to my drug addiction, I’m here to get to know and love myself for who I am today and not who I once was. I get to talk to my therapist daily because I need to. It has helped me more than I can imagine and I’m grateful for him and all his kind words that has helped me since I’ve been here. My case manager has helped me with all my court issues and who is there to find me a safe and secure environment when I go home.  When its my time to leave this wonderful place, I’d love to stay here for the rest of my life but can’t,  I will leave here with happiness, joy and love throughout my mind body and soul and most of all in my heart.


My experience at Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort has given me the confidence and a sense of security with a trust worthy staff leading me into a life of mindfulness.  Nothing has been forced upon me yet as I go for it they show me tools to discover success.  We are given true freedom yet surrounded by greatness.  I tried AA 12 steps several times with only short term success.  Here we have the opportunity to discover real healing for the Body, Mind, and Spirit.  I hope to become a life long member in mindful empowerment.”

Testimonial from Sarah Allred


“Most spiritually awakening places ever! Love this place and miss everyone I shared my experience with.”

– Stevie Herman


“All I can say is that the good folks from Sherwood saved this Southern Gentleman’s life!!!!!!! Thank You.”

-Warren Boing


“Thank you Sherwood for saving my life, I’m doing really well, I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart…you guys are the best. I’ve recommended several people to go there.”

– Tamie Wright


“As one of the founders of Sherwood Hills Recovery, I can say that every effort was made to construct a facility that would address the root causes of addiction and cure them in the most practical, yet spiritual way.”

-Richard M Knapp


Thank you for all you are doing to advance the cause of recovery. It’s a real privilege to be a part of the best treatment facility in the state. SHRR will be known by the end of the year as the place to go for care! We are making large strides in advancing this reputation with each passing day.

– Patrick Murphy



Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort Professional Staff


Founder: Ronald D. Jensen, MSW
Ron brings years of experience in therapy to the table as founder of Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort.  His success in treatment turned many lives around.  But alone Ron could only do so much.   Drawing from his background in treating addiction on a one-on-one basis,, Ron has sought ways to help more and more people.  In doing so, the idea of a residential treatment center was born.  The facility’s inception was officially April 2013, but the treatment program now used was developed by Ron while drawing on years of observing what really worked to help the addicted, not just in the short-term, instead he sought a cure.  So, it was out of that desire that Sherwood’s program was born.  Ron now spends his time working to try and bring a message of hope to others that their lives, too, can be changed at Sherwood Recovery Resort.

Executive Director: Richard M. Knapp, JD/MBA

Mr. Knapp became involved in “Sherwood Hills” when the property was still a resort hotel more than 15 years ago.  During that time, he presided over an extensive remodel of the property inside and out, the construction of the spa, and was a host to security personnel during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games held in Salt Lake City.  A decade later, in 2012, he approach some old business contacts with the idea that together they should repurpose the facility into an upscale treatment center for those struggling with drugs and alcohol.  The idea became a reality when Richard, familiar with the pain that addiction can have on families, pledged his financial support by backing the original founders. His vision for Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort has developed into a personal passion for helping people get treatment.  His persistence and financial support of the program while in infancy gave breathe to the current program, making treatment available to hundreds more than ever imagined.  He has since taken a more active role in management and has committed to do whatever it takes to make Sherwood Recovery a success.

Clinical Director:  Aimee Dansie, LMFT

Mrs Dansie received her undergraduate degree with honors from the University of Utah and her graduate degree from the Argosy University. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with many years of experience in mental health,addiction treatment and program management. Prior to joining Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort, she held key leadership positions at Recovery Ways, one of the most highly regarded treatment programs in the country, serving as IOP Clinical Director, Primary Therapist, and Family Program Director under Maryanne Rosenthal, PhD.  She has earned certification in Gottman Marriage Counseling and Relationship Trauma Repair. Aimee brings to Sherwood Hills Recovery not only her clinical verve, but also a unique, sophisticated approach to program oversight and management. She is passionate about providing innovative and ethical treatment to every Sherwood Hills‘ client and inspires her team to pursue this goal every day.  Aimee brings with her not only her experience in addition treatment but also big ideas, insisting that by incorporating families into the treatment process, we can speed recovery and prolonged sobriety.

On a personal note, Aimee is a recreation and reading enthusiast. She is married to her husband Kyle and together they enjoy the ongoing adventure of raising a daughter. In addition to spending time with her family and in the outdoors, Aimee loves any creative activity, and enjoys just about any non fictional book.

Marketing Director:  Tyler Geldmacher


Tyler has been working with Sherwood Hills Recovery as an outside consultant since the facility’s inception in April 2013.  He currently oversees all aspects of the Sherwood Hills marketing and admissions program including being directly responsible for each and every admission personally, all while serving as a director of the center.  His sage advice has been elemental in propelling the Sherwood Hills’ program to the next level. After years of battling his own  addictions, Tyler has a personal passion for recovery. He does not believe in the old adage, “Once an addict, always an addict.” He firmly believes in complete recovery from addiction.  Tyler has consulted with some of the most known and profitable residential treatment centers in Utah and had several of his own businesses and so brings with him a wealth of knowledge in marketing and business.

Admissions/Finance: Avis Richards

Avis brings a strong accounting background to Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort, with 40+ years working in the accounting field.  Her accounting interest started in high school when she began helping her mother at her job.  After graduating from high school, Avis went on to study at Mankato State University in Minnesota while starting a part-time job as a bookkeeper with her already acquired skills.  Six companies have benefited from Avis’s accounting skills.  Since moving to Utah in 1998 from her home state of Minnesota, Avis has worked with the Financial Partner ofSherwood Recovery Resort for the past 14 years.  Currently Avis oversees all finances and collaborates on administrative aspects of the Sherwood Hills Recovery program. She also supervises all the maintenance, housekeeping and kitchen staff. She is HR director, head admissions coordinator, and so much more, stepping in wherever else help is needed without a second thought.

Program Director/Nurse Manager: Ashley Smith, RN-BSN

Ashley graduated from Weber State University with her registered nursing degree. She went on to obtain her Bachelors of Science in nursing from Dixie State University. She’s continuing her education in the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program and plans on graduating in the near future.

Ashley has worked in the mental health field years and has worked with an array of different mental illness. She has experience in substance abuse working with addiction in every level of care. Ashley is a current basic life support instructor, and a member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) as well as the International Nursing Society on Addictions (IntNSA).  Currently Ashley oversees all aspects of programming on a day to day basis. Ashley also collaborates on curriculum and administrative aspects of the program.  Ashley also oversees all aspects of the nursing department in conjunction with Sherwood Hills’ Psychiatrist. She has been instrumental in helping Sherwood Hills build their nursing department, and obtain state certifications.

Assistant Clinical Director: Kyle Kone, MA, LMFT

Kyle received his Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Kyle has had the opportunity to work for community mental health centers, outpatientsubstance abuse clinics, residential substance abuse treatment centers, and private practice, as well as other agencies and programs with both English- and Spanish-Speaking clients.  Kyle provides individual, couples, family, and group therapy at Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort utilizing various integrative models of therapy for both substance abuseand mental health issues.  Kyle specializes in working with depression, anxiety, addiction, pornography, spiritual and/or religious ambiguity, divorce, conflict resolution, anger management, trauma, marital discord, infidelity, attachment issues, and relationship building, and other issues related to recovery.

Therapist:  Nicholas Call, LCSW

Nicholas Call, LCSW is passionate about working with people suffering from substance dependence with co-occurring mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and other mood related disorders.  He has pursued extensive training in these areas and his clients have seen significant improvements in their lives and relationships during and after therapy.  His training includes a specialty in helping clients overcome issues related to past trauma or significant life events using several trauma-focused treatments including EMDR.  Nicholas has used these skills in multiple setting including inpatient/residential treatment, intensive outpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment centers.  Additionally, Nicholas has worked in private practice settings working directly with families of those suffering from substance use disorders that include both couples and family therapy.  Because of his strong background, Nicholas has quickly set himself apart as a mental health “go-to” expert in the media. He has been featured in a KSL and Deseret Digital Media speaking on Depression in Men.Nicholas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah with a certificate in substance use disorder treatment, and a Bachelors Degrees from Weber State University.

Team of Loyal Case Managers

Brandy Loosle, BSW

Brandy received her Bachelors of Social Work degree from Utah State University. She is currently getting her Masters of Social Work from Western New Mexico University. She is a case manager at Sherwood Hills Recovery and is very passionate about substance abuse treatment.Brandy enjoys helping her clients with their transition plan and after care.  She resides in beautiful Cache Valley and is a mother of four boys. Brandy enjoys being with her boys and watching them play baseball and football.

Lisa Hendersen

Lisa received her substance abuse license from University of Utah.  She is actively working towards her degree in Social work. As a substance abuse counselor her experience includes inpatient, medically assisted treatment including Methadone and Suboxone, working closely with the Utah legal system and Department of Child and Family Services. Lisa is very dedicated in helping clients transition from treatment back into their homes and sociality. Assisting with job placement, housing, vocational goals and legal matters are her specialty.

Lisa loves to spend time with her family watching movies and soaking in the hotsprings. Lisa is married to her husband Jon and they have two small boys. Lisa often visits California as this is where she was raised. Her family often goes snowboarding/skiing during the winter months.

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