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OxyContin Addiction
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Oxycontin Addiction

Addiction to Painkillers

Oxycontin and other forms of oxycodone

In the past decade prescription painkillers have become front runners of substance abuse. There is a typical pattern and common narrative occurring with those who become addicted to brand name pharmaceuticals like Percocet, Roxicodone and Oxycontin. The active ingredients in these particular pain medications is oxycodone. Oxycodone is an effective pain relieving semi synthetic opioid. It reacts with the brain in the same manner that heroin and other forms of opiates do. In this way an Oxycontin addiction or an addiction to any incarnation of oxycodone will be very much like an addiction to heroin.

Developing Addiction

Oxycontin originally ranged in dosages from 5 mg all the way up to 160 mg, but some years ago the manufacture of the 80 mg and 160 mg was discontinued. With Oxycontin’s high potential for initiating dependence and drug seeking behavior users turned to the streets to obtain it. The Oxy 80s were ridiculously expensive in that market, with a street value of up to $80 for one pill.

These opioid medictations are known as a gateway drug leading to heroin use. The common thread line for for many is that they were first prescribed Oxycontin for a legitimate pain issue. After continuous use they developed an Oxycontin addiction. When the time came they were no longer prescribed to Oxycontin a habit for a drug that costs $80 a pill on the street would be too expensive to afford. Or, the time came when Oxy 80s were discontinued. Naturally these individuals now dependent on opioids turned to heroin, the cheap and available alternative.

Symptoms of a Painkiller Addiction

The symptoms of an Oxycontin addiction or an addiction to other synthetic opioids will be nearly identical to a heroin addiction. Effects and altered behaviors may include irritability, anxiety and mood swings. Addicts may be very visibly drowsy or fatigued, or the opposite, talkative and energetic. As the habit develops money will become a constant concern. Itching, nausea and sweating are other physical symptoms. Coming off of opioids will involve an unpleasant withdrawal syndrome like withdrawal from heroin. Someone detoxifying will experience flu like symptoms, insomnia, bone and muscle pain among a myriad of other almost intolerable symptoms.

Once again, Oxycontin is a dangerous pharmaceutical with high instances of creating an addiction Addicts are crushing up the pill forms of these opioid medications and snorting and injecting, even smoking the different manifestations of oxycodone to get high. There are those who are rallying against big pharmaceutical companies for possibly promoting the over prescribing of oxycodone with the nefarious motivation of greed, utilizing a business plan that appears to involve addiction as one of its bullet points.

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