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A medical drug detox is often necessary when going through withdrawal over certain drugs and alcohol. Detox is the  best way to ease your body from addiction to sobriety. With the help of a caring staff of doctors, nurses, and counselors you are sure to experience a comfortable detox. 


Inpatient rehab is recommended after going through a drug or alcohol detox program. Inpatient detox provides plenty of individual and group counseling to get you on your feet to sobriety.


After inpatient rehab or before trying inpatient rehab it is beneficial to be a part of an outpatient program while you are living in the real world once again. You will still be connected to a counselor and other sober supports.


After inpatient rehab it is important that you are transitioned by living in a supportive environment centered around recovery. We have a wealth of halfway house recommendations. Call us today to be placed into a sober house that is right for you!

Cities With Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In North Dakota

North Dakota Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

Although crystal methamphetamine addiction has overtaken cocaine as the highest reported narcotic for which individuals seek treatment and rehabilitation in the state of North Dakota, the number of cases of methamphetamine abuse have dropped in recent years. State legislation in North Dakota, restricting the sale and circulation of chemicals known to be components in the production of methamphetamine substances, has resulted in a significant drop in reported cases of addiction and abuse of the substance. After methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin remain serious concerns for the state. The club-drug, hydrocodone, has also been reported amongst the urban youth demographics in the state.

There are a number of adolescent and teen-focused rehabilitation facilities in North Dakota, with specialized and dedicated professionals, who work with younger clients to achieve long-lasting, healthy sobriety plans and lifestyles.

With little legislation on insurance parity coverage for rehab treatment in North Dakota, the costs of treatment can vary for each facility and for the type of treatment being sought. Although some rehab centers in the state do not accept insurance payments, the majority of North Dakota drug & alcohol rehabs do, in fact, accept payment from a variety of private health insurance companies.