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Molly is the new name for Ecstasy

Molly, Ecstasy 2.0

MDMA, formerly known on the street as ecstasy has been re-dubbed, “molly,” short for, “molecule,” and it’s become the recreational drug of choice among millennials. Popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s underground rave music scene, MDMA as ecstasy was typically adulterated with amphetamines or other similar chemicals. In today’s party scene molly is usually accepted as being pure MDMA and therefore safer, but researchers assert that this is far from the truth. As with the purchase of any illegal drug, there’s just no way to know what a substance actually is unless you have a chemistry lab with you. New synthetic chemicals are showing up on the streets all the time, substances of which very little is known about how potent or dangerous they are. Often a capsule supposedly containing, “molly,” what a user may assume is pure MDMA will contain very little of the substance MDMA at all. It is more likely to be a concoction of any number of a variety of research chemicals which have recently been labeled as bath salts.

In any case, MDMA has gained a resurgence in popularity due to a reemergence of electronic music. Formerly known as electronica in the club scene that popularized ecstasy, this genre of beat driven dance music has been repackaged like MDMA has, and is known today as EDM, Electronic Dance Music. The EDM style, more palatable to mainstream listeners, has found its way into pop music, making the culture that comes along with it more readily available to mass audiences. These factors have set a stage for a drug craze reminiscent of the hay day of the hippie and LSD.

Although rare, MDMA does carry the risk of overdose. The drug can cause constriction of blood vessels in the brain and heart that can lead to a potential stroke or heart attack. The substances stimulant effect can raise heart rate and blood pressure, as well as a user’s body temperature to a dangerous level approaching overheating which can potentially result in fatal brain damage. Dehydration is also common from overexertion of the body.

MDMA, molly, or ecstasy, whatever you want to call it, just like any other psychoactive drug has the high potential for abuse. Old school ravers are most likely looking at the overuse of molly today as a presumptuous naive mistake among inexperienced youths who will put whatever is handed to them into their body. Electronica, popular among marginal, off the beaten path types, dancing all night in a warehouse somewhere has given way to EDM, which can be popular among fifteen year old cheerleaders and football players. EDM carries the burden of dangerously misinformed drug experimentation. If EDM is your thing, please, be safe.

Article Name
Molly, Ecstasy 2.0
The drug as ecstasy has been relabeled molly under the guise that it is a safer, purer form of MDMA. Popularized because of a revamping of electronic music, use of this potentially dangerous drug has skyrocketed.

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