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Meth Addiction
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Methamphetamine Addiction

An Addiction to Crystal Meth

Physical Transformation

Addiction to methamphetamine is particularly gripping, destructive and detrimenta, especially in a physiological sense. Meth abuse is very hard on the user’s body. A suspended appetite will result in extreme weight loss and a gaunt, thin, malnourished appearance. Complete sleep deprivation that can last for several days amounts to a taxing fatigue and tiring physical weakness. Meth manufactured in the U.S. is typically produced in the infamously crude “meth labs,” and such a product will be impure and tainted with any number of dangerous harmful chemicals. The itching, and scratching that comes along with the meth high often results in marks and blistering welts on the skin. All of this, along with an apathy towards hygiene associated with the addicted lifestyle causes physical detriments so pronounced and noticeable as to spawn the website facesofmeth.us where men and women are shown in before and after photographs, when the addiction has taken hold and done its damage.

Psychological Effects

Methamphetamine is a central nervous stimulant with initial effects that include hyper-focus, increased energy, euphoria and delusional power. Depending on the method in which it is used, this high can last as long as ten hours. At higher doses these effects can mimic the human body’s adrenaline promoted fight-or-flight response. Prolonged meth use can lead to drastic paranoia, irritability, anxiety and panic attacks. Bizarre, aggressive and violent behavior often accompany the heightened sense of impending danger that can be strongly reinforced by visual and auditory hallucinations.

Frightening Addiction

Despite the clearly negative effects of the drug there is a powerful psychological addiction to the high that inevitably leads to the gates of psychosis and emotional instability. The temporary rush of euphoria and pleasure may be pursued at any cost. Long-term cognitive impairment and permanent brain damage is a definite reality. Severe depression and suicidal tendencies will await long-term meth users in the later stages of the full-blown addiction. The list of consequences goes on and on to include decay and loss of teeth, erectile dysfunction in males, potentially fatal kidney, liver and lung damage, frequent convulsions, heart failure and stroke. All in all methamphetamine causes one of the worst states of addiction in the realm of substance abuse. The drug has become a major concern in rural areas across the U.S Methamphetamine addiction is a spiraling rabbit hole that probably only professional help and treatment can stop.

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