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Luxury Rehabilitation and Detox

Not all addictions are the same and neither are all rehabilitation centers. There are as many rehabilitation centers as there are needs for rehabilitation. One such style of rehabilitation and detox center has gained significant popularity in recent years – the luxury rehab. Whereas more traditional rehabilitation centers rely on a certain hospital-sterility and tough love mentality to engage patients in a healthy and clean lifestyle, luxury rehabilitation centers tend towards leisure and focus on the pleasures and comfort of the patient. Many of these centers also pride themselves on maintaining the privacy of their patients. Luxury rehab facilities function more as resorts than treatment centers, with all of the amenities one would expect from any luxury hotel.

Patients attending luxury rehabilitation centers can usually expect to dine on food prepared by gourmet chefs and get pampered with spa treatments upon request. Many luxury rehab centers also provide a great deal of extra-curricular activities for the patient to unwind during their detox, including equine therapy, golf and sailing.

As with many executive rehabilitation centers, luxury rehabs can also offer a choice between either impatient or outpatient treatment. If choosing impatient treatment, the individual does not have to sacrifice the high-end lifestyle to which he or she may have become accustomed, as the center can function more as a vacation or retreat than as a treatment facility. Those choosing outpatient treatment, i.e. those whose lives and responsibilities cannot accommodate a suspended absence, can expect the same level of luxury but the center functions more as a social club, with weekly or monthly meetings regarding his or her continued sobriety and clean living.

While lasting sobriety is of the utmost importance to any rehab center, luxury rehab does not forgo the comfort and enjoyment of its patients.

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