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JCAHO Accredited

What does it mean for a treatment center to be JCAHO accredited? 

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), or simply The Joint Commission, is a non-profit, independent organization that awards certain drug rehabilitation and behavioral therapy centers and programs with an accreditation for upholding exceptional standards of practice. The organization evaluates a variety of healthcare facilities across the United States, evaluating each facility on a number of strict criteria. A JCAHO accreditation, The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval, is earned only after a healthcare facility has met or exceeded a set of strict standards outlined by the Commission. Achieving such a merit is an indication of a dedicated and quality healthcare facility. The Joint Commission serves to inform those seeking certain healthcare treatments of the quality and standards held by a selection of facilities as well as keep track and encourage quality improvements in the wider healthcare profession. Many insurance companies also require a facility to hold a JCAHO accreditation before covering any treatment costs.

The Aims of The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission evaluates each healthcare facility through rigorous on-site surveys involving both the healthcare providers and their patients. Facilities with JCAHO accreditation have also passed strict personnel inspections to ensure that the highest standard of care is provided to each patient at all times. A JCAHO accreditation must be renewed every three years, with an additional inspection and survey carried out before a successful renewal. If a healthcare facility or organization wishes to maintain their accreditation they must keep up to date with the guidelines, standards and procedures outlined by The Joint Commission and have proven and given evidence to have upheld such practices from the time of the previous JCAHO accreditation.

During the evaluation, the facility will be assessed on a variety of conditions to ensure that the facility upholds the standards of the Commission. Inspectors ensure that the facility operates with high regard for personnel, patient and environmental hygiene and that infection and illness rates are to a minimum. Personnel are also assessed on emergency preparedness, the safe provision of care and the correct management of medication. The Commission also evaluate the overall efficiency and management of the facility to ensure that it operates smoothly, safely and professionally.

A JCAHO accreditation assures that a facility can provide patients with the highest standard of care from well-trained professionals in the best possible environment.

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