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Health Insurance and Rehab
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Insurance Coverage For Rehab

Your Health Insurance Plan Helps

The Good News

When the time comes for recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction claiming your life back is the primary concern and task at hand. Dauntingly, the cost of treatment can be high. Fortunately, most insurance companies today provide varying degrees of insurance coverage for rehab.

The Disease Model of Alcoholism and Addiction

Different plans for insurance coverage for rehab can carry portions of the expense, if not all of the cost of the treatment one would need to begin their path to recovery. With the pervasive acceptance that addiction and alcoholism is in fact a disease, as categorized by the American Medical Association, insurance providers have also come to recognize drug addiction and alcoholism as medical conditions that ought to be treated with the same earnestness as other illnesses. Insurance coverage for rehab and treatment for addiction should reflect this budding philosophy.

In 2008 several related laws were passed and new standards for insurance providers in the arena of addiction were put into practice. The Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Parity and the Addiction Equality Act created a requirement for insurance companies to cover the expenses of treatment for addiction for their clients in the same capacity they cover costs of other medical conditions. Presently, health insurance companies will typically provide insurance coverage for rehab throughout the usual phases of addiction assessment to detox and inpatient residential care to outpatient counseling.

Ask For Help

For an overview of what your particular insurance plan will cover in your journey a free rundown is offered at thefix.com through a sponsor of their website called Service Industries, Inc. Different treatment centers will accept various insurance plans as payment at different levels. One treatment center may accept your insurance plan while another may not. Moving forward it is important to consider which treatment centers work with the insurance you have and which facilities offer the services best suited for you as an individual.

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