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A medical drug detox is often necessary when going through withdrawal over certain drugs and alcohol. Detox is the  best way to ease your body from addiction to sobriety. With the help of a caring staff of doctors, nurses, and counselors you are sure to experience a comfortable detox. 


Inpatient rehab is recommended after going through a drug or alcohol detox program. Inpatient detox provides plenty of individual and group counseling to get you on your feet to sobriety.


After inpatient rehab or before trying inpatient rehab it is beneficial to be a part of an outpatient program while you are living in the real world once again. You will still be connected to a counselor and other sober supports.


After inpatient rehab it is important that you are transitioned by living in a supportive environment centered around recovery. We have a wealth of halfway house recommendations. Call us today to be placed into a sober house that is right for you!

Cities With Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Indiana

Indiana Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Indiana has, like many other U.S. states in recent years, experienced rapid growth in the numbers of individuals seeking treatment for prescription drug abuse and addiction. Drug rehabilitation facilities have also reported increased cases of cocaine, methamphetamine and alcohol abuse and addiction.
There is an increasing push by Indiana state medical organizations to make residential rehab facilities more widely available for those Indianans seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. This process is preferred for its strict mandates requiring clients to complete a full 5-7 day detoxification program before treatment can begin, promising a more focused and dedicated rehabilitation. The only exception for these cases are prescription drug addiction, where a slow decrease in dosage is the safer option than going ‘cold turkey’.
Indiana provides for its citizens, the Hoosier fund, which aids those in need with financial assistance for many healthcare treatments. Indiana is also one of only a few U.S. states that enforce strong parity laws regarding full coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The state recognizes that addiction is considered by many to be a disease, and, should you have private health insurance, be treated as any other mental or physical illness.