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Humana Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Humana’s Perspective

Humana is a well known insurance company that includes some coverage for drug addiction and alcoholism treatment. As with most health insurance firms, there is an understanding that addiction and alcoholism are real medical conditions and they are treatable. In addition, the cost of covering treatment in the early stages of addiction is frequently less expensive for the insurance firms than to deal with health problems that will arise from addiction or alcoholism later down the road.

Humana Coverage Overview

The HumanaOne program includes group and individual healthcare plans that allow recipients to have coverage for treatment facilities outside of their normal network of providers. Those seeking treatment are able to choose any specific rehab center that appeals to them. This can be important towards the overall treatment experience. Programs differ and their appeal differs from person to person.

As is the case with most other insurances, the deductible and the out-of-pocket sum will need to be paid before coverage begins. Often rehabilitation centers will work along with clients to devise a periodic payment plan to cover the costs that insurance doesn’t.

Humana Coverage According to an Individual Basis

Most likely, the benefits of a Humana health insurance plan will make it possible for a recipient to take the initial steps towards overcoming drug addiction or alcoholism. There are various factors that differ from individual to individual determining what Humana’s final coverage will be towards rehab. These variables can depend on the state one lives in, whether the treatment will be inpatient or outpatient, and other things. The amount of coverage for detox, residential treatment and outpatient treatment really varies on an individual basis. For particular details, addicts and alcoholics interested in seeking help for their ailment at a treatment center should call their Humana toll free number listed on the backside of their Humana card. Speak to a representative about what a plan covers or visit the Humana website. The amount of the cost of treatment an insurance provider will cover weighs in on a decision to enroll in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It is important to be aware of the details and particulars that are related. Ask a loved one or a friend for help researching this valuable information.

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