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How to help an addict

Addiction is Everywhere

According to Forbes magazine, there may be close to 1 million U.S. heroin users. The real truth is probably much higher as there are around 700,000 heroin addicts in the city of Philadelphia alone. So many go unnoticed, and others are able to easily hide their addiction to illegal substances. It’s not just the inner cities where you will find addicts, although this is where the majority of them tend to coalesce together.

Many addicts have trickled outward to suburban and rural towns. Your sister, next door neighbor, or your own best friend may have a tendency to use substances. If that’s the case, you may already know the truth regarding their addictive potentialities.

Narcotics Anonymous

Have you asked yourself how to help an addict find freedom from an addiction because of a family member or friend who needs help? Maybe you’ve been there before yourself and are now attempting to give back according to the 12th Step of NA/AA. This step reveals a potential for a true spiritual awakening in which those in recovery focus outward instead of inward, carrying the message of recovery to others in need of encouragement.

Inspiring Words

If you want to know how to help an addict, it’s vital that you inspire and encourage your friend or family member to want to get clean, and not coerce or attempt to force him or her to get clean and sober. They must ultimately desire on their own to get clean.

Even if they fail the first few times, don’t ever give up on them.

The miracle of sobriety can appear at any time. When it does, do your best to learn how to help an addict to stay clean and sober, and do everything you can to help your loved one to achieve that goal.

5 Tips on How to Help An Addict Get Clean

  • Use Tough, but Unconditional Love – Do not be an enabler.
  • Offer Solutions and Personal Help – Be helpful and ready to jump in at any time to help someone get clean.
  • Speak Encouraging Words – Show them that you really care.
  • Give Them Reasons to Want to Get Clean – Addicts are usually high, and not in their right minds. Find the ‘right’ time to make suggestions.
  • Conduct an Intervention – This may be a bit old school, but you never know when someone may decide to sober up
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