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Holistic Drug & Alcohol Rehab

The Benefits of Holistic Drug & Alcohol Rehab

When considering treatment and rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction many people consider the mental and psychological remedies that must be administered to the patient, i.e. the therapies and treatments to aid in strengthening the individual’s will and resolution towards living a healthy and clean life. While this can work for some, there are certain people who may have found this kind of treatment and rehabilitation unsuccessful or altogether devoid of real results or continuous development beyond directly treating the addiction. As many can attest, addiction develops from something much deeper in the patient than a simple drug or alcohol dependence. This is where holistic treatments can function as an alternative to traditional rehabilitation therapies.

Holistic treatments take into account the entire self of the patient; mind, body and soul. These treatments work on the philosophy that these three areas of the individual are interconnected and must work in unison for a healthy individual to function to the best of their ability. In holistic rehabilitation one must treat and engage the patient’s mind, body and soul in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle of sobriety.

To work on healing the psychological ailments of the patient, the rehabilitation center can offer counseling sessions and therapies in order for the patient to work through the issues that may have pushed them into using drugs or alcohol in the first place. This traditional aspect of rehabilitation is, in holistic treatment, only one of the steps involved in successful recovery and must be included in a routine of other treatments. In order to treat the body, holistic clinics also include various physical activities and exercises to aid in full rehabilitation. Depending on the resources available, centers can include meditation sessions, yoga and pilates classes, or regular outings including biking, swimming or hiking. The key to success in treating the patient with physical activity is routine and regular exercise in order to set up some structures in his or her life that can be maintained even after treatment has been completed. Treating the spirit of the patient involves providing regular outlets for creativity and emotion. Such exercises can include art classes, access to musical instruments and music therapy, and creative writing.

It is essential when considering treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction that all available rehabilitation approaches are considered as not everyone responds well to traditional treatment.

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