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Healthy Living in Lake Worth – Rehabilitation

Lake Worth, Florida, has, in recent years, become one of the main hubs of successful rehabilitation in the United States. With its close proximity to Delray Beach – the Recovery Capital of America, according to Jane Gross of The New York Times – Lake Worth has a wide selection of after-care therapies, sober living facilities and halfway housing complexes for those who have recently completed a rehabilitation or detox program for drug and alcohol addiction and abuse.

Sober living facilities and halfway houses work to maintain the success that the individual has had during their rehabilitation and recovery by providing safe and secure accommodation for recovering patient whilst also maintaining a degree of supervision over their transition back into society. Such facilities also provide the patient with the opportunity to interact with fellow recovery patients in order to create a support system of successful rehabilitation and continued healthy living. In some cases, halfway houses may also provide ‘transition jobs’ in the area in order to set up a structure of routine and responsibility.

Lake Worth is also home to some of the most successful halfway house facilities in the country. The Program WPB, with locations from West Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Lantana has developed a system of supervision and individual therapies that “allow the client to regain confidence and direction”. These facilities also provide a Relapse Prevention Strategy that engages the patient at an individual level and, with the aid of a a licensed mental health professional, creates a solid and reliable lifestyle program aimed at complete recovery. Those leaving places like Luna Cottage also receive check-ups by the staff at specific times in order to manage and reassess their personalized lifestyle plan and to offer support for those who may be struggling with their recovery.

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