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How To Get Clean

How to Get Clean

The decision to get clean and sober can come at any time in an addict’s life. There is no definitive or universal point at which someone makes such a decision. There is also no point at which an addict cannot turn his or her life around and decide to become clean and sober. The only shared and universal aspect of getting clean is the strength required to decide upon pursuing such a goal. However, acknowledgement of the problem is only the first step. Getting clean is a process that requires maintenance, assistance and dedication. Specific methods on how to get clean can vary from addiction to addiction and from person to person but all addicts must take certain steps in order to recover from an addiction.


The initial step in getting clean is of course the abandonment of the substance in question – alcohol, narcotics, etc. This step requires a determined and strong will and a truthful commitment to getting sober. Detoxification should never be attempted without the aid and assistance of trained medical professionals, so anyone considering a successful detoxification should seek out a suitable rehabilitation center as quickly as possible.


Entering into a qualified rehabilitation center is the second most beneficial step an addict can take, after deciding to get clean and sober. Medical staff in such centers are trained to assist and help with the physical and psychological difficulties that can be experienced during detoxification. Rehabilitation centers also provide various therapies, either individual or group, for patients to more fully understand their triggers, explore coping techniques on how to get clean and stay clean, and how to deal with cravings.


It has been proven that having a solid and reliable network of friends and family engaged in supporting the decision to get clean and stay clean can significantly increase an addict’s chances with successful rehabilitation and continued clean living. There are numerous anonymous and community support groups from those who may wish to receive support from those who understand an addict’s difficulties.

Maintain a Clean Lifestyle

After a successful detoxification and rehabilitation there is also the need to learn about individual triggers and plan accordingly. Distraction with a hobby or socialization can significantly help in maintaining sobriety as can seeking emotional support from friends or family. Maintenance of one’s sobriety takes commitment, hard work, and most importantly, care and support.

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