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Executive Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Why Choose an Executive Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Executive rehabilitation centers are a unique and specific form of treatment facility, accommodating those who cannot separate themselves from their work, for whatever reason, but still require treatment for a drug and/or alcohol addiction. Executive rehabilitation centers, unlike traditional rehabs, do not work on the same principle of complete isolation and intensive patient treatment for successful rehabilitation. In an executive rehabilitation center the patient is allowed to carry on interacting with certain aspects of their lives in order to continue their work duties and other responsibilities.

Celebrities and other high-profile individuals also favor executive rehabilitation centers due to the fact that these centers make it a priority to keep the patients’ identities private using high security and specially designed grounds that maintain privacy throughout the center.

Many executive rehabilitation centers also offer a choice of treatment processes to their patients. Inpatient facilities are more closely related to the traditional form of rehabilitation center in that the patient may not be permitted to leave the center until treatment has been completed. However, the facility can provide the patient with the facilities to connect with others in order to continue with their business obligations and responsibilities. In cases that require the patient to connect with an outside source, such as taking part in business meetings, many inpatient facilities can provide the patient with various video-conferencing technologies in order to accommodate their needs. Inpatient treatment facilities allow for constant support and supervision for their patients while allowing for a more free and unrestricted atmosphere than traditional rehabilitation centers.

Outpatient facilities require the patient to attend regular treatments but allow for the patient to carry on their daily lives without hindering a routine. Outpatients can attend work or school as they would in their normal lives.

One of the greatest benefits of receiving treatment in an executive rehabilitation center, be it inpatient or outpatient, is the ease with which a patient, once successful treatment has been completed, can transition back into their daily and work routines. Since the patient has maintained their connections throughout their treatment the processes of change should not be as stressful and difficult as with traditional, institutional rehabilitation treatment. This diminished level of stress can also prevent unwanted relapse back into old patterns of alcohol and drug abuse as the patient has come to balance work and rehabilitation in their lives.

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