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Drug Detox

The decision to get clean and sober from drugs can be a very difficult one to make. Although this is a vital step towards sobriety, further efforts must be made in order to achieve a successful rehabilitation and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding a suitable drug detox program, one designed to accommodate individual needs and requirements, can significantly increase the likelihood of successful rehabilitation treatment in the future.

Engaging in a qualified and recognized detox program can provide the critical assistance many addicts need during, what can be, a very difficult time. It is important to recognize the kind of drug detox that is required by you or your loved one, and that the chosen facility is capable of providing professional aid that adequately addresses the specific drug addiction.


For the vast majority of detox programs, withdrawal symptoms are a common component of the detoxification process. Withdrawals are the body’s way of adjusting to the diminishing levels of toxins and chemicals that have built up during the addiction. As all remaining traces of the substance leave the system, the body can react in a variety of ways.

With innumerable drugs to which one can become addicted, there exist a wide variety of possible side affects that can occur during a detox program. However, there exist a number of universal withdrawal symptoms that can emerge, regardless of the substance addiction – many detox program clients experience nausea, aches/pains, insomnia and irritability. Further symptoms can emerge, depending on the substance and the severity of the addiction.

It is always recommended that an individual, seeking to achieve lasting sobriety, participate in a detox program before admission into a rehabilitation treatment center. Withdrawals, and the difficulties associated with detoxification, are always best overcome with the aid of professional drug detox staff.

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