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What Is Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is an opioid medication commonly used in hospital settings to treat the pain caused by serious injuries or medical conditions such as cancer. The powerful painkiller, also known as hydromorphone, has a high potential for abuse since it produces pleasurable effects that include euphoria, enhanced pleasure, and a decrease in both emotional and physical pain.

Opioid Addiction

If Dilaudid is used for long periods of time, or abused, users will develop a physical dependence for the drug that results in opiate withdrawal when the medication is abruptly discontinued. Users that are addicted to opioids may continue to abuse the drug in fear of the painful withdrawal symptoms that can accompany the drug’s cessation. This aspect alone causes many users to continue down the destructive path of addiction regardless of the consequences.

Since the user also builds a tolerance to the drug over time, an addict will often increase their daily dosage in order to achieve its euphoric effects. Unfortunately, since opioid-based medications cause respiratory depression, users often overdose or die when trying to chase their initial high.

Drug Rehabilitation For Opioid Dependence

In order to properly treat Dilauidid addiction it’s important for an addict to find the support they need, not only to make it through the painful withdrawal process but also to treat any underlying issues that caused them to initially turn to substance abuse. Drug rehab centers specializing in opiate addiction give addicts a chance to retrain their brain, which will help them to avoid future relapses once their detox is complete.

In drug rehab an addict can start to repair some of the damages caused by their addiction while also regaining control over their life. Drug rehab helps an addict learn the proper coping methods needed in order to avoid future drug abuse by using a combination of counseling and other effective options to effectively treat their addiction.

Finding Help

Opiate addiction can be a scary experience, not only for the abuser but for their family members and loved ones as well. By taking that first step, and finding the right drug rehab center that can properly treat their addiction, drug abusers can begin to restore their confidence and rebuild their relationships before its too late.

At Banyan Treatment Center, we understand the burden that addiction places on you and your loved ones. We also understand the difficulties that come with loosening the grip of active addiction, and making strides toward a happy and productive recovery. Here at Banyan we treat each client with compassion and individualized care tailored to fit their unique needs. We believe our approach is effective and realistic in producing intrinsic motivation for change and sustaining permanent recovery.

Our qualified team of masters level and state licensed or PhD. level clinicians are dedicated to individualized and innovative care. The foundation of our approach is grounded in the principles of the 12 steps, complimented by newer, evidenced based modalities of treatment designed to engage clients of varying demographics and life experiences. Our programs are designed to prepare you for the transition back into society and instill a healthy level of self-sufficiency.

Phoenix House Citra offers eight specialized programs that span our four Florida campuses: Citra Adult Residential Program, Brandon Outpatient Center, Hyde Park Outpatient Center and the Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House.

As individuals have come to expect from the JourneyPure family of treatment centers, you will be equipped to enter and sustain recovery with comprehensive treatment programs.  Addiction treatment focuses on individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and these co-occurring illnesses are treated simultaneously in a truly integrated program. We provide the highest quality of care by providing a unique and individualized blend of evidence-based practices in addiction, medicine, mental health and trauma which includes one-on-one counseling and recovery coaching.  Our intimate setting allows for truly individualized care.

Detox of South Florida has a variety of options to help its clients abstain from drug and alcohol seeking behavior.  Our programs are individualized to meet client specific needs.  We offer inpatient Detoxification (with extended stay as needed, up to 90 days), an Intensive Outpatient Program, Outpatient Program, Day or Night (PHP) services, and Residential Services.  Each of our programs include, but are not limited to: helping individuals learn about their addiction, take care of their physical and emotional health, follow the direction of their health care professionals, develop a sober support group, and make positive changes in the areas of their lives that provoke use/abuse. 

Freedom Recovery Center is an Arizona state licensed substance abuse recovery program designed to help you overcome the struggles associated with alcoholism and addiction. At Freedom Recovery Center we believe that Alcoholism and Addiction is a core disease. Our team is dedicated to educating our clients and treating their condition.

In addition to our Innovative Treatment Program at our facility, we offer transitional living for men and women …

At New Freedom and Footprints our success in helping young men and women achieve long-term sobriety can be attributed to our approach to recovery. We teach our clients what it takes to stay sober once they leave our facility. We require our clients to work a solid program of recovery while we assist them in finding a primary purpose in life. We teach young men and women that a life in sobriety can be fun and fulfilling. If you or your loved one is ready to start a new life full of serenity and purpose, the New Freedom and Footprints is the place for you.

ACHIEVE Behavioral Healthcare is a privately held male gender-specific treatment and long-term continuing care facility licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families and located in Delray Beach, Florida. Our treatment philosophy is based upon a unique program referred to as The ACHIEVE Treatment Model ® which provides our clients a multi-disciplinary range of individual and evidenced-based group therapy, relapse prevention, and family counseling combined with crucial educational, vocational, and social life skill training, health, wellness, and fitness education and training, combined with and optional faith and 12-step programs.

South Florida Recovery Center offers a treatment regimen unlike any other Outpatient in South Florida.  We utilize both clinical and holistic approaches to help the addict and alcoholic recover in the most comfortable way possible.  We offer a unique approach to providing a foundation for solid long term sobriety placing the needs of every individual client first and instilling the skills necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.


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