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The first step in a drug rehabilitation program is drug detox. Detox, or detoxification, is the process during which the substance upon which the addict has become dependent is withdrawn and the body is given a chance to rid itself of associated toxins. During this time the addict will experience a wide range of withdrawal symptoms. It is best that these symptoms are managed within an environment that provides both medical and psychological support.

The withdrawal symptoms that may be experienced vary from person to person and are dependent on the type of substance abused and the level of abuse. The longer the person has been addicted, the longer the symptoms will last and the more severe they are likely to be. Symptoms can include general physical discomfort, sweating, chills, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia and tiredness. In some cases the person may also experience vomiting and diarrhea. The good news is that many of these symptoms can be managed through appropriate medical care and supervision. This is why it is preferable to find a reputable drug rehabilitation center in your area that offers these professional services.

The role of family and friends cannot be underestimated during the recovery period. Simply going through a drug detox program will not be sufficient to cure the addiction. The greatest challenge will be faced in the months and years after the detox when cravings and other symptoms will continue to reappear. These can be addressed on an ongoing basis through participation in outpatient programs. Your care, understanding and support will make a world of difference to your loved one’s recovery.

Created by experienced physicians and clinicians, Evolutions Treatment Center provides a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program that takes clinically proven, evidence-based therapeutic techniques for contending addiction and combines them with advanced approaches being developed by the best and brightest minds in substance abuse treatment today. Separating Evolutions apart from others – along with our cutting-edge treatment program – is the unmatched luxury in which our Clients may recover, as well as a large range of holistic approaches that help to heal the mind, body and spirit. The result is truly an Evolution in substance abuse treatment that is both innovative and effective.

As individuals have come to expect from the JourneyPure family of treatment centers, you will be equipped to enter and sustain recovery with comprehensive treatment programs.  Addiction treatment focuses on individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and these co-occurring illnesses are treated simultaneously in a truly integrated program. We provide the highest quality of care by providing a unique and individualized blend of evidence-based practices in addiction, medicine, mental health and trauma which includes one-on-one counseling and recovery coaching.  Our intimate setting allows for truly individualized care.

Detox of South Florida has a variety of options to help its clients abstain from drug and alcohol seeking behavior.  Our programs are individualized to meet client specific needs.  We offer inpatient Detoxification (with extended stay as needed, up to 90 days), an Intensive Outpatient Program, Outpatient Program, Day or Night (PHP) services, and Residential Services.  Each of our programs include, but are not limited to: helping individuals learn about their addiction, take care of their physical and emotional health, follow the direction of their health care professionals, develop a sober support group, and make positive changes in the areas of their lives that provoke use/abuse. 

Serenity at Summit is an unique detoxification center that goes beyond treating addiction to help nurture each client’s mind, body, and spirit.

Proven holistic treatment techniques and a relaxing upscale environment come together to help clients realize positive growth and change.