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Daughter of DEA Special Agent Caught Dealing Drugs

Daughter of a DEA Agent Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Texas

Known on the web as the “adorable drug kingpin,” the daughter of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special agent, Bill Furay, was arrested on multiple drug charges in College Station, Texas in November. One, Sarah Furay, is famed as, “having the happiest mugshot in America.” She is smiling brightly in her booking photo. Not only was she arrested for possession of illegal substances, she’s facing charges related to drug trafficking. All of Miss Furay’s charges are felony offenses.

Among the illegal drugs found in Furay’s apartment were large amounts of cocaine, high grade marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine and an “LSD-like” hallucinogenic research chemical. The nineteen-year-old was taken to Brazos County Jail and then released after posting a $39,000 bail.

Is this a story to be taken lightly, perhaps joked about because of the obvious irony, or is it a pressing example of a symptom of our society’s ailments? Why in this particular case of a teenage daughter of a DEA agent caught dealing dangerous drugs is the focus of the media’s narrative an “adorable,” and, “photogenic,” mugshot? Would this be the case if Sarah Furay wasn’t a rich white girl with a family connection to the Drug Enforcement Agency? As an answer to such a question one could invoke any one of the many real-life instances in which African Americans are still serving lengthy prison sentences for possessing only small amounts of marijuana.

The maximum potential sentencing for Sarah Furay’s multiple crimes amounts to 215 years in prison, a highly unrealistic outcome and only time will tell what the finalized consequences of her crimes will be. Will this daughter of a DEA agent arrested for drug trafficking in Texas face anything near to the full extent of the law, or will she receive a hard slap on the wrist and a wag of the finger from her father? A double standard is defined as a rule or a principle that’s unfairly applied to different groups of people in different ways. Sarah Furay’s mugshot could end up being the photograph next to its definition in dictionaries.


Article Name
Daughter of a DEA Agent Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Texas
Sarah Furay, daughter of DEA special agent Bill Furay, was arrested for drug charges including drug trafficking in College Station, Texas in November. She is famed in the press as having an "adorable" mugshot.

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