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Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage in Florida

Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage in Florida

Florida has become one of the top ranked states in the US for a number of drug problems, with particularly high numbers of alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin abuse occurring throughout the state. Due in no small part to Florida’s reputation as a party destination for young Americans, the state has garnered a damaging reputation as the drug capital of America.

Fortunately, Florida also boasts some of the best quality drug and alcohol rehab centers in the nation, offering any number of specializations and serving a wide selection of treatment preferences.

Due to the high costs of quality rehab treatment, many take advantage of private health insurance policies that cover a percentage, if not all, of the costs involved in rehab treatment. Cigna has become one of leading providers of private health insurance coverage for rehab treatment in Florida.

Although the state of Florida currently holds a relatively weak stance on parity legislation regarding the coverage of rehab visits as a health concern, many of those holding private insurance policies under Cigna can avail of a wide selection of rehab treatment programs throughout Florida.

The availability and percentage of coverage offered by Cigna can vary, depending on the severity of the addiction and the resulting length of stay at a Cigna approved treatment facility. Once a preliminary diagnosis and assessment of the client have been made, a member of healthcare staff can then decide upon a treatment plan and organize coverage with a Cigna representative.

Those in Florida who currently hold a Cigna policy, whether an individual or family plan, are given the opportunity to seek coverage for rehab treatment in a number of highly specialized treatment facilities across the state. There are currently over 80 drug rehab centers authorized and covered by Cigna offering dual diagnosis treatment to those addicts suffering from both addiction and mental illness. There are also an additional 130 Cigna approved facilities operating in Florida offering a number of specialist treatment options, including holistic, and faith-based treatment.

Employers operating with Cigna’s employee coverage plans are also offered the opportunity to provide cost coverage to any employee seeking treatment for a substance abuse problem.

Through their ‘Behavioral Health Coverage’ policies, Cigna offer a variety of insurance coverage plans. Plans can vary from full coverage – from evaluation to graduation – to those resulting in low out-of-pocket expenses for the client.

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