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What does CARF Accreditation mean for a rehab?

What CARF Accreditation means when looking for treatment?

Established in 1966, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or CARF, is an independent, multinational organization that works to accredit a variety of health service and rehabilitation facilities that have reached a high standard of patient care and quality service. CARF recognizes the work of a facility in upholding the Commission’s core values of respect, patient dignity, fair and equal access to services and care, and a patient’s right to make an informed choice on individual care and treatment. A CARF accreditation also ensures that a facility has been validated in its goals of the continual improvement and development of its healthcare services for the betterment of patient care and well-being.

Before a facility can be endorsed and accredited by CARF, the facility must undergo a rigorous and involved inspection and review of its premises and healthcare staff, as well as its business and clinical practices. A CARF assessment of a facility operates on a consultative peer-review system that works to highlight and reward the most successful areas of service and care in the facility, and if needed, to indicate any areas requiring improvement or modification before a CARF accreditation can be awarded. The CARF surveyor must ensure that all staff members are dedicated to providing the optimal care and treatment to their patients and that each staff member has had the highest standard of training and all the relevant credentials. The surveyor will also ensure that all patients feel that they have been treated fairly, respectfully and with proper care and attention. To by awarded with a CARF accreditation, a facility and its staff members must have proven to uphold and exhibit a strict conformance to the standards and values set forth by the Commission.

As with many healthcare accreditations, a CARF accreditation operates on a system of regular reassessment, the longest of which runs for three years. This system ensures that a healthcare or rehabilitation facility has adopted the principles and values of the CARF organization into its everyday operations and management and that its quality of service and care has been upheld to the highest degree. With a CARF accreditation, a rehabilitation facility can be assured to provide the best possible care for its patients and that its staff members and management are committed to a system of continual enhancement and improvement in all areas of healthcare service.

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