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Description Of Rehab

Since 2000, Bridging the Gaps (BTG) in Winchester, Virginia has treated adults suffering from the disease of addiction. We have many effective, holistic approaches and believe that the whole person can be treated in four different stages. 

The first phase is focused on stabilization of the emotions and physicality of the person and focusing on the acceptance of the program so that the person starts to engage and starts to make a commitment to change. In phase ! the medical staff with formulate a supplement of amino acids that will start to rebuild the chemical imbalance that the disease of addiction has incurred. We also use holistic approaches such as acupuncture detox, reiki, yoga, and meditation to help heal, manage stress, and gain spirituality.

Phase II builds off of phase I while living in a residential environment we venture into a deeper emotional state of processing but with the knowledge, insight, and experiences that were gained in Phase I. This deeper level of emotion often involves acknowledging and feeling their pain and trauma for the first time. Our supportive staff and our controlled residential environment is designed to make the healing person as safe and comfortable as possible 24 hours a day. A exciting part of Phase II is that this is when they are encouraged to start building a sober network of friends, acquaintances, and those who can support. 

Phase III is moving into a sober living facility to start to regain tools of how to live and work, and cook, and shop and create a sober daily routine. This phase has more accountability to ones self. Although staff is not 24 hours present, we are still available and guiding, and supporting to ensure a life of sobriety.

Phase IV is optional and that is to remain in the sober living space or feel the freedom to move on and move forward.

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Bridging the Gaps – Winchester

Rehab Services

Some of our services include:

  • intravenous and oral nutritional therapy,
  • neurofeedback training,
  • healthy and nutrient dense diet (caffeine and sugar free),
  • nutritional education,
  • acupuncture detoxification services,
  • psycho-educational sessions,
  • individual and group counseling,
  • family psycho-education and conjoint sessions,
  • physical fitness and massage,
  • 12 step program, and
  • meditation and stress management.

Payment Options

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