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Bath Salts

Bath salts rehab focuses on helping patients to overcome their withdrawal symptoms. For many patients, this requires constant monitoring by health professionals in a hospital or drug treatment center, though those with less severe addictions can recover in outpatient treatment programs. The detox process can take anywhere from thirty days to a year. After detox, many addicts spend time in sober-living communities, where they receive continued counseling and treatment until they are ready to return to society.

Rehab programs also provide counseling to the patients’ family and friends, helping them to avoid supporting addictive habits in the future.

Some may recall hearing about Silk Road, the brainchild of start up entrepreneur, Ross Ulbricht, his billion dollar operation peddling illegal drugs from a website he created. Transactions were made using a virtual currency called BitCoin and whatever a buyer wanted was mailed to their address in the vein of Amazon.com. After a lengthy two year investigation Silk Road, the online open drug market was shut down and Ulbricht was found guilty of narcotics charges and money laundering conspiracy.

Disturbingly, websites similar to Silk Road are still up and running. Anyone with a bank account or a credit card number can obtain any kind of high they desire by clicking a mouse. One might ask how this is possible considering the precedence set by the fall of Silk Road. Well, these sites don’t offer or sell illegal drugs.

With graphics of sophisticated professionals wearing lab coats peering into microscopes and holding up test tubes websites such as rechemlabs and lsresearchchems.com invoke an appearance of big time legitimate pharmaceutical companies. They deal in research chemicals, supposedly to be used for research and development and labeled as, “not for human consumption.” Technically these substances aren’t illegal, so they’re unregulated, yet they can produce the same effects that illegal drugs and controlled prescription drugs do. They’re often stronger, so the danger of overdosing is greater. For example, Etizolam, a substance with an effect similar to Ativan and other benzodiazepines has been reported as being ten times as potent as Valium. This particular substance has been available for purchase from rechemlabs.

Many research chemicals have hallucinogenic effects. Some have stimulant or amphetamine-like effects, or one might come across a drug like Bromadol, an opioid 10,000 times stronger than morphine, active in the 1/100 of a milligram range. Needless to say, experimenting with such a substance is a death sentence.

Not so long ago bath salts became a horror story in the news with the bizarre report of a homeless man in Miami eating another man’s face back in 2012. At the time mephedrone, a drug that’s been compared to ecstasy, speed and cocaine, was a typical research chemical sold in stores under the guise of “bath salts.” Now, looking on the internet, there is easy access to an array of chemicals that have the same or a similar effect on people. As fast as law enforcement becomes aware of a new dangerous drug, chemists are tweaking the chemical structures of existing drugs, synthesizing something technically legal that produces the same high.

How can a problem substance that doesn’t exist yet be regulated? How can awareness be raised about drugs that haven’t been created yet, but may be invented tomorrow or the next day? How can this situation be approached? Research chemicals aren’t going away. There is easy money to be made. However, some solutions need to be found or accounts of flesh eating zombies on bath salts and maniacs on alpha-PDP (Flakka) will continue to pop up on the evening news.

MDMA, formerly known on the street as ecstasy has been re-dubbed, “molly,” short for, “molecule,” and it’s become the recreational drug of choice among millennials. Popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s underground rave music scene, MDMA as ecstasy was typically adulterated with amphetamines or other similar chemicals. In today’s party scene molly is usually accepted as being pure MDMA and therefore safer, but researchers assert that this is far from the truth. As with the purchase of any illegal drug, there’s just no way to know what a substance actually is unless you have a chemistry lab with you. New synthetic chemicals are showing up on the streets all the time, substances of which very little is known about how potent or dangerous they are. Often a capsule supposedly containing, “molly,” what a user may assume is pure MDMA will contain very little of the substance MDMA at all. It is more likely to be a concoction of any number of a variety of research chemicals which have recently been labeled as bath salts.

In any case, MDMA has gained a resurgence in popularity due to a reemergence of electronic music. Formerly known as electronica in the club scene that popularized ecstasy, this genre of beat driven dance music has been repackaged like MDMA has, and is known today as EDM, Electronic Dance Music. The EDM style, more palatable to mainstream listeners, has found its way into pop music, making the culture that comes along with it more readily available to mass audiences. These factors have set a stage for a drug craze reminiscent of the hay day of the hippie and LSD.

Although rare, MDMA does carry the risk of overdose. The drug can cause constriction of blood vessels in the brain and heart that can lead to a potential stroke or heart attack. The substances stimulant effect can raise heart rate and blood pressure, as well as a user’s body temperature to a dangerous level approaching overheating which can potentially result in fatal brain damage. Dehydration is also common from overexertion of the body.

MDMA, molly, or ecstasy, whatever you want to call it, just like any other psychoactive drug has the high potential for abuse. Old school ravers are most likely looking at the overuse of molly today as a presumptuous naive mistake among inexperienced youths who will put whatever is handed to them into their body. Electronica, popular among marginal, off the beaten path types, dancing all night in a warehouse somewhere has given way to EDM, which can be popular among fifteen year old cheerleaders and football players. EDM carries the burden of dangerously misinformed drug experimentation. If EDM is your thing, please, be safe.

Created by experienced physicians and clinicians, Evolutions Treatment Center provides a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program that takes clinically proven, evidence-based therapeutic techniques for contending addiction and combines them with advanced approaches being developed by the best and brightest minds in substance abuse treatment today. Separating Evolutions apart from others – along with our cutting-edge treatment program – is the unmatched luxury in which our Clients may recover, as well as a large range of holistic approaches that help to heal the mind, body and spirit. The result is truly an Evolution in substance abuse treatment that is both innovative and effective.

At Banyan Treatment Center, we understand the burden that addiction places on you and your loved ones. We also understand the difficulties that come with loosening the grip of active addiction, and making strides toward a happy and productive recovery. Here at Banyan we treat each client with compassion and individualized care tailored to fit their unique needs. We believe our approach is effective and realistic in producing intrinsic motivation for change and sustaining permanent recovery.

Our qualified team of masters level and state licensed or PhD. level clinicians are dedicated to individualized and innovative care. The foundation of our approach is grounded in the principles of the 12 steps, complimented by newer, evidenced based modalities of treatment designed to engage clients of varying demographics and life experiences. Our programs are designed to prepare you for the transition back into society and instill a healthy level of self-sufficiency.

Phoenix House Citra offers eight specialized programs that span our four Florida campuses: Citra Adult Residential Program, Brandon Outpatient Center, Hyde Park Outpatient Center and the Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House.

As individuals have come to expect from the JourneyPure family of treatment centers, you will be equipped to enter and sustain recovery with comprehensive treatment programs.  Addiction treatment focuses on individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and these co-occurring illnesses are treated simultaneously in a truly integrated program. We provide the highest quality of care by providing a unique and individualized blend of evidence-based practices in addiction, medicine, mental health and trauma which includes one-on-one counseling and recovery coaching.  Our intimate setting allows for truly individualized care.

Detox of South Florida has a variety of options to help its clients abstain from drug and alcohol seeking behavior.  Our programs are individualized to meet client specific needs.  We offer inpatient Detoxification (with extended stay as needed, up to 90 days), an Intensive Outpatient Program, Outpatient Program, Day or Night (PHP) services, and Residential Services.  Each of our programs include, but are not limited to: helping individuals learn about their addiction, take care of their physical and emotional health, follow the direction of their health care professionals, develop a sober support group, and make positive changes in the areas of their lives that provoke use/abuse. 

Serenity at Summit is an unique detoxification center that goes beyond treating addiction to help nurture each client’s mind, body, and spirit.

Proven holistic treatment techniques and a relaxing upscale environment come together to help clients realize positive growth and change.

Destination Hope is an addiction treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that provides gender specific substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment to men and women suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Our unique program treats individuals in a comfortable environment where we have helped hundreds of clients break free from substance abuse. Our exceptional Florida drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and dual diagnosis treatment fosters a healthy, constructive and comfortable environment for clients to grow as they achieve their personal goals on the road to recovery.  Our sister program, The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center provides provides mental health treatment programs for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, dual diagnosis, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders to adults. Our unique programs offer an outstanding family program and lifelong case management services.

Destination Hope is accredited by the Joint Commission and has received the Gold Seal Approval.

Reflections Treatment Center, LLC utilizes an integrative medical model and affiliate agreements with other providers for linkage, referrals and overlay services. Reflections Treatment Center LLC, establishes and maintains accessibility to a full continuum of services for persons in need.

MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES:Every patient within our program will receive therapeutic services during the entire course of treatment. As an agency, we treat not only the surface issues. We delve beyond the symptoms, and address the overall underlying causes of the symptoms. Our focus is on treating the entire individual, in order to ensure a more productive life and long-term success.Psychological issues / topics that we address include but are not limited to:Anxiety Disorder

Depressive Disorder Personality Disorders Bipolar Disorder Obsessive / Compulsive Disorders Eating Disorders Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Panic Disorders Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Grief and Loss Stress Reduction Anger Management Relapse Prevention

Our on-site mental health treatment also includes dual – diagnosis, as many patients suffer from both substance abuse as well as mental health problems. Individual and family therapy will both be provided at a minimum of one time per week, or as needed. Group sessions will also be provided at a minimum of one time per week, or as needed. Family systems workshops will be completed, to address the impact of the family unit upon the individual. As an agency, we also provide ancillary services which include: legal, vocational, employment, prenatal care, diagnostic testing, public assistance, child care, and transportation.

COUNSELING:All patients will be seen as per 65D30 regulations and based on the patients’ stability and medical/ psychological needs. (See Policy and Procedures Records Contents Policy.) All contacts with the patient and for the patient shall be recorded in the patient record. Effective treatment of drug addiction requires comprehensive attention to all of an individual’s medical and psychosocial co-morbidities. Pharmacological therapy alone rarely achieves long-term success.Non-pharmacological therapies will be determined based on the intensity of intervention required for a patient. Our staff follows ASAM guidelines and refers to the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s Patient Placement Criteria (ASAM PPC-2R, (www.asam.org). This is the most widely used and comprehensive national guidelines for placement, continued stay, and discharge of patients with alcohol and other drug problems. Our highly trained staff utilizes different types of behavioral therapies (e.g., Motivational Enhancement Therapy, self-help programs) have been used successfully for substance abuse disorders. SAMSHA includes a number of documents that contain best practice guidelines for the provision of interventions and therapies for individuals with substance abuse disorders.

Freedom Recovery Center is an Arizona state licensed substance abuse recovery program designed to help you overcome the struggles associated with alcoholism and addiction. At Freedom Recovery Center we believe that Alcoholism and Addiction is a core disease. Our team is dedicated to educating our clients and treating their condition.

In addition to our Innovative Treatment Program at our facility, we offer transitional living for men and women …

At New Freedom and Footprints our success in helping young men and women achieve long-term sobriety can be attributed to our approach to recovery. We teach our clients what it takes to stay sober once they leave our facility. We require our clients to work a solid program of recovery while we assist them in finding a primary purpose in life. We teach young men and women that a life in sobriety can be fun and fulfilling. If you or your loved one is ready to start a new life full of serenity and purpose, the New Freedom and Footprints is the place for you.

Evolve Treatments Centers provides innovative and cutting edge treatment tailored specifically for teens, ages 13 to 18, struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

Our strength-based, solution-focused program empowers our clients to become the engine of their recovery. We recognize that every adolescent is a wellspring of potential. By maximizing this potential, we empower our clients to harness their passion, set healthy goals, and create a personal vision of happiness.

At Evolve, we understand that teens require unique care and professional treatment that address their unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development levels.

Our team of highly trained clinicians, dedicated mental health professionals, and educators use a full array of treatment methodologies to help teens work through the rigors of mental health and addiction disorders. We encourage our clients to embrace their imagination, step outside of their comfort zone, and carve out their place in the world.

ACHIEVE Behavioral Healthcare is a privately held male gender-specific treatment and long-term continuing care facility licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families and located in Delray Beach, Florida. Our treatment philosophy is based upon a unique program referred to as The ACHIEVE Treatment Model ® which provides our clients a multi-disciplinary range of individual and evidenced-based group therapy, relapse prevention, and family counseling combined with crucial educational, vocational, and social life skill training, health, wellness, and fitness education and training, combined with and optional faith and 12-step programs.

South Florida Recovery Center offers a treatment regimen unlike any other Outpatient in South Florida.  We utilize both clinical and holistic approaches to help the addict and alcoholic recover in the most comfortable way possible.  We offer a unique approach to providing a foundation for solid long term sobriety placing the needs of every individual client first and instilling the skills necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.


South Florida Recovery Center – Greenacres, Florida