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Description Of Rehab

At Banyan Treatment Center, we understand the burden that addiction places on you and your loved ones. We also understand the difficulties that come with loosening the grip of active addiction, and making strides toward a happy and productive recovery. Here at Banyan we treat each client with compassion and individualized care tailored to fit their unique needs. We believe our approach is effective and realistic in producing intrinsic motivation for change and sustaining permanent recovery.

Our qualified team of masters level and state licensed or PhD. level clinicians are dedicated to individualized and innovative care. The foundation of our approach is grounded in the principles of the 12 steps, complimented by newer, evidenced based modalities of treatment designed to engage clients of varying demographics and life experiences. Our programs are designed to prepare you for the transition back into society and instill a healthy level of self-sufficiency.

Rehab Services

At Banyan Treatment Center we provide a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), which follows an intense 12-step model of recovery, while offering stress relieving amenities and recreational therapy. Upon intake, each client is assessed individually by an admissions counselor, a psychiatrist, and our clinical director, to better determine a specific treatment plan, including a primary therapist chosen to best meet the needs of each client. While attending our PHP program each client will attend 25 group therapy sessions per week, as well as meet individually with their primary therapist once weekly. Some of the groups included: 12 step based recovery groups, family counseling, anger management, psychodrama therapy, spirituality, nutrition, art therapy, music therapy, yoga, trauma therapy with a licensed specialist, co-occurring disorder education and relapse prevention.

In addition to our PHP program, we also offer our inpatient stabilization program for those clients who do not meet the requirements for detox. At Banyan Treatment Center we provide specific therapy for individuals who have recently relapsed, focusing on relapse prevention and creating strategies for successful reintegration. This will help the client to better understand why and how the relapse occurred, and to help pick up the pieces of what issues may have been missed in the traditional treatment setting. This program has its own gender specific housing and strict 24 hour staff.

Intensive outpatient services at Banyan are available 5 days a week. We do provide our own transitional housing, however, this level of care is offered to the community as well. Groups are held from 9:00am-12:00pm, and again from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Meals are provided during both sessions. Along with a similar curriculum to the Partial Hospitalization Program, both group and individual therapy sessions, here are a few examples of what to expect from our SA IOP program; an intense focus on relapse prevention, monthly group sober outtings, vocational education, transport to outside 12 step meetings, an introduction to our Alumni Program, and life skills.

In continuum of our program here at Banyan, we also offer OP services, as well as our Alumni Program.

Payment Options

Banyan Treatment Center accepts most Out Of Network Insurance plans.


Taylor Glenn Banyan Treatment CenterTaylor Glenn
Director of Business Development

Taylor Glenn is familiar with substance abuse issues. He grew up in a family plagued by substance abuse. At age seven, he lost his father James Lee Glenn to this disease. His mother, an advocate for helping others find help, is a proud member of a fellowship for families throughout the country affected by substance abuse.

Taylor struggled with his own addiction during college, but he has been sober for more than three years.

Taylor brought his entire business development team to Banyan upon arriving in August, 2014. As he helps grow this program, his focus is on building a strong community, steadily over time, by attracting clients who truly want to discover the amazing gifts of recovery. Taylor has an extensive background in volunteering with foundations such as The YMCA and mentor programs as a big brother. Over the last 10 years he has spent most of his free time working with children as a coach for ice hockey, lacrosse, baseball and football.

Cecilia Plavnick, MS, LMHC, CAP
Clinical Director

Cecilia Plavnick is ambitious, passionate … and then some! That drive is especially apparent when working in the field of addiction treatment.

Cecilia’s extensive experience and knowledge make her perfect in her role as Clinical Director at Banyan Treatment and Recovery. She has managed top-notch clinical teams for five years. Her staff consider her a natural leader and role model.

Cecilia’s creates an environment that is optimal for successful clinical interventions and she inspires trust and continual growth among her team. This sets her apart. She’s not afraid to jump in at all levels of care–from admissions to discharge–because she believes good clinical care is an ongoing process requiring daily tweaking and maintenance. Cecilia is dedicated to the individuals with whom she works and serves.

Cecilia Plavnick is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina where she completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and worked with adolescents and adults experiencing both substance abuse and mental health conditions. She emigrated to the United States in 2006 where she completed a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling at Nova Southeastern University. She is licensed in the state of Florida as a Mental Health Counselor and as a Qualified Supervisor. Cecilia is also a Certified Addiction Professional and is currently working on getting her Trauma Certification.

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Experience the Encouragement of a Like-Minded Collective

Our four unique programs emphasize the dual importance of individualized treatment and community therapy. Our PHP Stabilization and Mental Health IOP consist of treatment you cannot find anywhere else.

Traditional Rehab (PHP)

A specific treatment plan designed for each individual client will provide the structure that is so important when you’re making the journey towards recovery. Therapy sessions can include enhanced 12-step recovery groups, family counseling and intensive individual therapy with your primary therapist. This can also include creative therapy such as art, music or yoga and even other therapy that addresses other struggles from anger management counseling to trauma therapy or co-occurring disorder education.

PHP Stabilization

Stabilization programs keep you positive – because they’re focused on your progress. At the same time, they recognize areas where you still need help restoring equilibrium. Stabilization programs prevent relapse by pulling you away from temporary setbacks. Banyan Treatment believes in you. We see your tremendous progress toward recovery provide the support and direction during and after any relapse.

Substance Abuse IOP

Intensive outpatient programs are a great fit for people who want plenty of help and support in their journey toward recovery yet also want to maintain a degree of freedom and autonomy. Banyan offers intensive outpatient rehab five days a week, consisting of more frequent and longer meetings than in a traditional outpatient program.

Many different therapeutic options and varieties of treatment options are available in intensive outpatient rehab, including:

Group therapy
Intensive individual therapy
Other specialized options

We offer transitional housing as well as meals for all our intensive outpatient rehab sessions. We also help you plan for the future, with vocational education (helping you find jobs), life skills, work, and transportation to outside meetings based on the 12 steps.

Mental Health IOP

Banyan Treatment Center recognizes the unique mental health needs that often accompany substance abuse issues.

Our goal is to create a specialized environment where clients with co-occurring disorders can feel safe to share their struggles, work collectively to reduce stigmas, receive mental health education, and feel more empowered in their dual recovery. Here are a few examples of our specific focuses within our Mental Health IOP: Individual, group, and family counseling, medication management and education, self-care, self-esteem, and self-acceptance, depression and anxiety coping skills, impulse control and stress reduction techniques.

Building Around a Philosophy that Makes a Difference

“Slowly building a strong community of people who share the willingness to change, is far more important than simply accepting everyone who calls. Assisting with the placement of a client in another facility that is a better fit, is the best way to help improve the Substance Abuse Treatment Community as a whole. Putting the client first is the only way to build a program that actually makes a difference.”

– Taylor Glenn, Director of Business Development