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Alcohol Recovery Process

A great deal of emphasis is often placed on the drug aspect of substance abuse, but alcohol addiction is also a heavy hitting societal issue. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that 7.2 percent of adults in the U.S. struggle with alcohol dependency, a figure that accounts for approximately 17 million people.

As alcohol is legal to purchase by individuals over the age of 21, it is difficult to prevent people with alcohol-related issues from engaging – unless consumption has a detrimental effect with legal ramifications. Alcohol abusers that manage to drink excessively without breaking the law still face negative consequences, such as compromised physical and mental health. Alcohol abuse can also ruin invaluable relationships, isolating problem drinkers from support networks, such as family and friends.

For many, facing the prospect of the alcohol recovery process can be intimidating. Imagining a life without relying on alcohol may prevent someone from seeking necessary help. A sense of shame could also deter a person’s efforts to curb their drinking habits, fearing what people would think if they knew. However, many treatment programs that focus on the alcohol recovery process work on a confidential basis, permitting people to seek treatment without judgment.

Some people take it upon themselves to acknowledge an alcohol problem and choose to abstain or get help to quit. Others may require interventions and other resources to stop drinking. Group meetings, 12-step programs, addiction specialists and other types of treatment professionals may be gathered to created a specialized prevention plan to help someone get through the alcohol recovery process successfully.

Once a person is able to acknowledge or recognize a drinking problem, seeking treatment can help ensure a successful recovery.

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