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Sober Fun
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Alcohol Free Sober Activities

Non-Alcoholic Fun

Life without alcohol is not going to be boring. After quitting drinking life becomes exponentially more fulfilling. For the barflies getting cut off for their behavior or being thrown out of establishments having a good time in public places won’t end up turning into a bad time. If you were an isolated lone drinker you can enjoy your homebody ways taking up some new interesting hobbies. Here are some ways boredom can be overcome in early sobriety with alcohol free sober activities!


There’s not better way to let off steam than shooting at your friends. Look up where the closest places to play paintball are. Chances are they aren’t very far away. Some South Florida opportune spots include Hot Shots Paintball  in West Palm Beach and Extreme Rage Paintball Park in Hollywood.

Music Appreciation

Have you ever met anyone who said, “music, I don’t like it. It’s not for me?” No. re-immerse yourself in your favorite genre, explore new genres and find some new favorite bands. There’s a near endless word of sounds out there, current and past. Just listening can be meditative, relaxing and also joyful. Discover or re-discover your love of music and listen clearly and happily.


Get creative! Clip up some magazines and make a collage. Crochet, knit, paint a picture. Beading, wire wrapping, sketching. There are many hands on things you can do that are meticulous and time consuming but also a blast. This can either be a personal time to yourself activity or a group activity.


Take a walk in the woods alone or with some friends and connect with nature. Challenge yourself with rough terrain or pause and smell the flowers. Take a bird watching book with you or a botany guide and look for local flora and fauna. Even in the city nature is not so far away. Bring a tent. Spend the night. Sleep under the stars. Explore. Do some research on some of the United States’ magnificent National Parks.


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