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Aetna Drug and Alcohol Treatment Coverage

The Aetna Philosophy

In 2012 Aetna Insurance partnered with the CRC Health Group, an organization that specializes in behavioral health and addiction treatment, to provide much needed rehabilitation and care for persons addicted to opioid drugs. Their philosophy implements a plan that includes a combination of private therapy and counseling and 12-step programs that offer help with drug addiction problems.

Being the third largest insurance provider in the U.S. Aetna is trusted by over 18 billion people who use their coverage. Under their specified behavioral health program, treatment for drug abuse and alcoholism can be covered at varying degrees. Fortunately, this insurance provider usually covers longer stays in inpatient treatment facilities and they cover a substantial percentage of the costs involved. A dual diagnosis treatment program may also be an option, as mental illness frequently accompanies drug addiction and alcoholism.

Coverage Process

Aetna typically recommends using their in-network preferred treatment providers for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Aetna’s network is extensive and expansive. It includes more than 1 million doctors and medical professionals.

If an addiction is deemed to be severe to the point where care is a medical necessity, Aetna will be responsible for covering a sum of the costs of the essential treatment. Such a determination will be made during a process carried out with your primary physician to assess the level of care required. Whether  or not medically supervised detox is needed and whether either inpatient or outpatient treatment makes the most sense will be considered in this assessment. There will be different levels of deductible, co-pay, and out-of-pocket expenses in accordance with the assessment and a recipients specific insurance plan. Visit the Aetna website or call their toll free number to find more information about coverage for treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. Consider choosing a rehab program that appeals to you and is also part of your Aetna plan’s in-network coverage.

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