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Coping with the loss of loved
ones and close friends
become an increasing reality
for many older people.

Addiction is an Old Problem with New Solutions

A comfortable Floridian retirement is on many older Americans’ agenda. Floridian cities, including the West Palm Beach area, provides a warm and reliable place to live out your twilight years and to join one of the many Floridian beach-front retirement communities. This potential paradise may, however, be disrupted by an unhealthy dependence on medications and substance abuse. Drug addiction in older individuals does not arise from the peer pressure or a wish to experience narcotics as commonly associated with younger addicts, but instead the older individual may begin taking certain medications in order to relieve themselves from some of the ailments and problems that come with aging.

Grief May Be a Trigger Point to Turn To Comfort Drugs Such As Xanax.

Coping with the loss of loved ones and close friends become an increasing reality for many older people, as do physical and psychological disorders that may require medication. The choice to take medication to lessen the difficulties that come with age is, of course, the sensible decision for many, but the ease with which one can become addicted to certain medications or alcohol is rarely considered. In addition to this, a large percentage of individuals – particularly those having grown up in the ‘60s & ‘70s experimental cultures – have carried non-medical drug addiction into retirement age, according to a report carried out by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. With such problems comes the need for solutions. As opposed to traditional detox and rehabilitation, outpatient treatment is often more accommodating for older individuals. Many choose outpatient rehabilitation in order to maintain a degree of normalcy and routine in their lives with many facilities requiring only one clinic visit per week. Certain centers, including Peaceful Ridge Recovery in the West Palm Beach area also provide supervised home detox programs for those who may have difficulties leaving their homes. This center, like few others serve a community that is mature and really ready to change in a way that is comfortable for someone who is no longer in their 20s. Outpatient rehabilitation may seem novel for some but for others it may be their only choice in getting the help that they require. Addiction is an old problem with new solutions.

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